• Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Management Expert, Professor, Speaker, and Author. Contact: Kevin@Magnaleadership.com

  • Jason William Kumpf

    Jason William Kumpf

    Jason William Kumpf is the Director Of Strategic Partnerships at World Wits. http://jasonwilliamkumpf.net/

  • Bartosz Zajaczkowski

    Bartosz Zajaczkowski

    Researcher interested in energy and refrigeration concerned about environment and climate change. Enjoys reading wise books.

  • Observely


    Observely is a automated competitor analysis tool avaliable at https://observely.net/ and free to use during our beta!

  • Ramakrishnan G

    Ramakrishnan G

  • Rosemary Nonny Knight

    Rosemary Nonny Knight

    Leave the past behind, rediscover your true design, live free, fulfilled, financially abundant & love-drenched.πŸ‘‰ RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/bookfree πŸ‘ˆ

  • Ernest Jones

    Ernest Jones

    I’m on a quest to profile 100 EverydayLeaders doing extraordinary things.

  • Anna Segova

    Anna Segova

    Marketing & Communications Consultant | alternomarketing.com

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